Friday, September 8, 2017

ImagiNations: Kronprinzs östlichen Kavallerieband

The newest addition to the forces of His Highness, KronPrinz Friedrich Wilhelm trots onto the field. Recruited in the Eastern Reaches, these wild characters of the Kronprinzs östlichen Kavallerieband sport the traditional KaiserReich blue uniforms. Lest anyone think these are merely pansy musicians trying to impress with their cacophonous attempts at martial music... think again. They carry scimitars and pistols and thus have combat value in Black Powder!

Kronprinzs östlichen Kavallerieband

US 1944: CoC support additions

As we are about to embark on the new Chain of Command pint-sized campaign Bloody Bucket (see page list for details), I needed to add some specific support options to my US forces. I duly sent off to Warlord Games for a few items and with their usual alacrity, the figures were delivered and I've spent the last week working to complete them.

M16 MGMC with quad .50cal.

Two 57mm anti-tank gun teams.

Two .50cal HMG teams (with the guns on sleds!).

Monday, September 4, 2017

Workbench Update - Sep 2017

Having settled into my new painting table setup (which is only temporary until a new house can be acquired) and sent our three oldest girls off to their new lives (two to Germany and one to university in Ontario), I have finally struggled through my latest addition to the ImagiNation collection. At least a year ago, I purchased some Gringo 40s Mameluke mounted musicians. These are gorgeous figures and part of the reason I hadn't started them was that I was a little intimidated by the detail. Once started, I couldn't lay them aside and work on something else as I would normally do because my new allotted work space is much smaller than before the move. Thus, I can work on only one thing at a time. This is a bit of a transition for me as I've always had a lot of space and able to switch between projects as whims directed.

Kronprinzs östlichen Kavallerieband.
These wild characters sport the traditional KaiserReich blue uniforms. Lest anyone think these are merely pansy musicians trying to impress with their cacophonous attempts at martial music... think again. They carry scimitars and pistols and thus have combat value!

Monday, August 28, 2017

HoytCon 2017

The relatively new family tradition of HoytCon moved this year from the wilds of New Brunswick to the civilization that is Upper Canada. Captain Dan drove in from CFB Gagetown to the all-too-familiar environs of CFB Trenton and the world-famous and eminently-welcoming Trenton Gaming Emporium. Michael hosted a fine weekend of gaming, with seven games stretching from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. It was quite an undertaking as a host and as a participant, I was too exhausted by Sunday morning to take part in either of the Sunday games (although the afternoon funny spacey thing game wasn't in my sights anyway). Many kudos for Michael for putting this together!

You can see the game schedule here: link

6mm Cold War: East Germans v US National Guard, using Battle Captains rules.
Our host is unsure whether we should start drinking or not.

The brothers contemplating their world-conquering strategies.

28mm WWII: Soviets v German Panzer Grenadiers, using Chain of Command rules. The libations have begun (obviously) in the form of banana schnapps (yes, that's right... no self-respecting German NCO would be caught dead in the field without banana schnapps!)

28mm ImagiNations: Gourmandie and Libagioni v KaiserReich, using Black Powder rules.

A view along the Gourmandie lines.

And the corresponding KaiserReich deployment.

Libagioni troops hold the town. 

Clash of the infantry lines, KaiserReich in the foreground, facing the thin red lines of Gourmandie.

The Gourmandie grenadiers turn the KaiserReich flank, supported by the guard battalions (brand new and as yet un-blooded).

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Fort Ligonier, Pennsylavnia

While my hobby production has been sporadic of late (blame it on my recent move), I haven't been completely idle. Recently, I whizzed down to visit Ohio Bob and we took the opportunity to drive the couple of hours into rural Pennsylvania to visit the Old Glory Miniatures "factory" and nearby Fort Ligonier. At Old Glory, I picked up some more 28mm War of 1812 Americans (because, yes), some 28mm ECW dragoons for Vidal (one of the best OG lines available), and a gift for Captain Dan's impending September birthday.

Captain Dan has recently embarked on a 28mm AWI project and this building is listed in OG's catalog as "Indian Agent Trading Post" and is one of the few options for AWI. I spent the past week at the Trenton Gaming Emporium assembling, painting, and adding scratch-built fencing and decking. Its a strange thing to do hobby work away from one's own comfort zone of desk and tools. In this case, I utilized various items from Michael's workshop, including balsa and paints. Daniel arrived late in the week and pronounced it "sweet", thus the birthday present was deemed a success!

The trip to Fort Ligonier was made on a beautiful day (well, a beautiful afternoon preceded by a biblical downpour earlier in the day). Fort Ligonier is a British fortification from the French and Indian War located in Ligonier, Pennsylvania. The fort served as a staging area for the Forbes Expedition of 1758. It's a quite well-preserved/reconstructed site and Ohio Bob and I had a very enjoyable time wandering about and talking with the staff.

Artillery bastion along the outer walls.

Lovely little 6lb field piece overlooking the approaches to the fort.

Gateway into the inner fort.

12lb field piece.

18th century artillery limber. 
It was nice to see one of these "in the flesh", as I have several of the Front Rank models in my ImagiNations collection.

General purpose artillery/equipment wagon, in this case hauling a small howitzer base.

A curious piece sporting a hand-winch in the center of the "wagon", apparently meant for moving/winching/dragging anything from artillery limbers to lumber.

18th century general purpose ammunition/supply wagon.

A couple of very nice small artillery caissons.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Workbench Update - July 2017

Although I've been preparing lately for a move mid-August, I've kept the painting table open and been finishing off some lingering items before the move....

Front Rank Napoleonic civilians, awaiting finished bases.

Warlord Games  BA-6 for Michael's WWII  Soviet force 
(basing to be done in the Trenton Gaming Emporium).

Warlord Games Soviet scouts for Michael and some various earthworks and guns in the background for the ImagiNations collection.

Black Tree Design Soviet infantry with SMGs, 
purchased at the Cold Wars flea market for Michael.

Black Tree Design Soviet 57mm AT gun & crew.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

War of 1812: US regulars (1813)

Another addition to the SP2 War of 1812 collection, US regulars... this time from 1813. These are Old Glory figures and sport the simpler blue tunic (without lace on the breast, thank goodness) and leather shako, similar to the British tombstone version. When I started these, I thought I had appropriate command figures included in the bag but was sadly mistaken. I was able to find an orphan standard bearer in the proper uniform and headgear but unfortunately, no officers with shako. I thus used an officer figure with the earlier uniform until I can acquire some proper Big Men. This batch completes the American force for now (although I do have enough figs for two more groups of state militia skulking in the lead pile). The flag is from Battle Flag, who are one of the few retailers who supply 1812 standards. You can choose, when in the shopping cart, which regiment to represent and here we have the 13th Regiment of Infantry (though admittedly difficult to see on the flag).